Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A little henna for me and my little man!

This past weekend I did a little henna on's been way too long!  I love to just doodle on my hand while watching tv at night.

My little man Sam (9 yrs old) has been asking for henna for a while, so the next day I did some on him.  This is by far the most he's had, and he sat so still! He chose 3 of his favorite Pokemon characters!
It's that time of year for me to start thinking about henna for upcoming grad parties, and making a fresh batch of henna paste! Spring has practically sprung here in MN with these unusually warm temperatures...I'll take it!

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Brittney Mawby said...

Wow, your henna is gorgeous, and the Pokemon one is absolutely amazing! I've never seen henna done like that, that's a fantastic piece of art! I love your work and your blog! Keep it up, you're an inspiration! 😍👍