Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Book, "Realism for Face and Body Artists" NOW SHIPPING!

My new book is HERE! I'm so excited to finally have physical copies of this book that I've poured the last year of my life into and am even more excited to share it with all of you!

"Realism for Face And Body Artists" is unlike any other face painting book on the market today.  The book is a huge visual reference manual of subject matter that face painters commonly struggle with.  I look at this book as being like a week full of workshops on realism, only at $29.99 it costs a tiny fraction of the price, you can learn at your own pace, and you can take a full color copy of the course materials with you wherever you go to reference at any moment.

This book is designed for artists who crave something beyond step-by-step designs and are looking for more broad artistic instruction that can be applied to anything they paint.  It starts out with some basics of color, shading and perspective, and then expands with over 160 full color pages of tips, tricks and instruction to help you achieve more realistic water drops, fur, plants, beaches, fabric, eyes, gemstones, and a LOT more!  With over 450 full color photo, the book not only covers how to paint these different things, but also suggests ways to experiment with and study objects and lighting in real life, helping you gain a better understanding of the principles behind the tips and techniques.

This book is PACKED with content!!

Here is a detailed list of all of the topics covered in this book:
  • Tools & Materials: Some of the supplies unique to the techniques in this book and what they are for
  • Color: Basics of the color wheel and how to utilize secondary colors in shading
  • Wash Techniques: Two methods I use to achieve soft, blended shadows
  • Perspective: Basics of 2 and 3 point perspective, how to apply it to whatever you paint, and how to check your work to make sure things look right
  • Foreshortening and how it works alongside perspective
  • Perspective and Planes: How your perspective of a surface changes the shape of an object on that surface, such as the effects of a curling leaf on a water drop
  • The anatomy of highlights and shadows
  • Drop shadows vs cast shadows, principles of each, how the environment affects them, and when to use each
  • Cartoon style: How proper, realistic placement of highlights and shadows is relevant even if you are painting more cartoony images, not just ultra realistic images
  • Surface contours: Painting raised vs sunken in surfaces
  • Surface breaks: Creating things like parting lines and the look of two surfaces that sit right next to each other (think battery doors, the break in a china doll's moving mouth/chin)
  • Silhouettes
  • Finishes & textures: Painting reflective finishes, high gloss, matte and textured
  • Reflective finishes: how to paint chrome
  • Specific Textures: bricks, dirt, wood
  • Water drops: anatomy of a water drop; moving beyond the step by step to explain how they are affected by the color, texture, and angle of the surface they lie on (as well as how the surface under a water drop is affected by the water on top of it), and other applications for your water drop painting skills besides dew drops
  • Gemstones: Painting round stones, adding facets, how to shade a gemstone, and how to add depth & sparkle
  • Hardware: Bolts, screws
  • Fabric: Types of fabric folds and How to paint them: ribbons, ruffles, drop folds, pipe folds, spiral folds, diaper folds, zig-zag folds, half-lock folds, flying folds, pleats, & lace
  • Insects: How to make your own spider study tool to learn about how lighting affects the shadows of a spider's legs, and how the position of a spider's legs change the shape of their shadows
  • Flowers & Foliage: Things to remember when painting flowers, studying and painting different leaf angles, commonly painted leaf shapes, evergreens, and cacti
  • Fur: painting tiger stripes and long fur
  • Hair: adding highlights and shadows to hair...great for mermaids and princesses!
  • Feathers
  • Wings
  • Sheer wings and fins
  • Scales
  • Eyes: Parts of the human eye, different angle views of the eye, animal eyes (dog, fish, bird, snake, dragon, tiger)
  • Atmosphere: How the sky and ocean are affected by distance and atmosphere
  • Beaches, Sand and waves
  • Sunsets
Part of the section on painting gemstones

Right now this book is ONLY available HERE on  I do hope to have it available at more retailers in the near future in the US and overseas, and will be sure to let you know via our Facebook page when it is! In the meantime, you can find it here!

(Please note that if you are only buying one book and are in the US, actual shipping is only about $6 in a flat rate envelope.  So, if the website charges you more than that, you will be refunded for any overages.)

We also now have several great package deals that include the book and some of the key tools you'll find used in the book: a rake fan brush, stipple sponge, and both glycerine-based and wax-based black and white paint! There are three packages available, and all of them will save you money!

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Thanks so much for stopping by, and happy painting! :-)


Kim Brennan / Mehndi Masala said...

I don't suppose you have a downloadable instead of a hardcopy? I like to keep my books on my iPad as reference material!

Kim Brennan / Mehndi Masala said...

Any chance this will be out in PDF or downloadable? I like to work off my iPad with reference material instead of hardcopy! Let me know!

Gretchen Fleener said...

I'd love to have a digital copy at some point! However, ever since my one stroke book I have not been able to figure out how to translate it to Kindle while still keeping the page layouts and images static. It's easy if you have a book of just text, but mine are very visual! But, hopefully someday...