Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"One Stroke Face Painting" NOW SHIPPING!

I have been so humbled and overwhelmed by your response to my new book, "One Stroke Face Painting" ...I have been so busy shipping orders and answering messages about it, that I am just now (2 days later) blogging about it's release!  I've already sold 25% of my stock, and have a feeling I'll be printing more soon!

For those of you who are interested in this new book, I wanted to post some more photos of it.  I know how hard it can be to buy things online when you can't touch, hold, and feel them, so I always try to include lots of photos! 
Front Cover

This is a nice, thick book! 3/8" to be exact... And the spiral binding allows it to lay flat on your table while you work.

In the first couple pages I introduce you to some of the tools and materials used for one stroke painting.  I then go into some descriptions & definitions, photos of how to make a split cake and sushi cake, how to load a brush and a sponge, troubleshooting, basic strokes, simple shapes, double-dip flowers, and teardrops/linework.  I know that we artists are visual people, so I went to great lengths to ensure that there are full color images on every page, even the table of contents! ;-)
One design from the "cheek art" section.  This is also great around arms!

There is an illustrated "design directory" on page 23, which makes it easy for you to browse all 40 designs and immediately know what page they are on.

Many of the designs have these graphics to help you know where to position your brush, and in what direction to move it to get the desired effect.

I have one spread that touches on lighting, and how to position your colors for the most realistic 3-D effects. Honestly, I could write an entire book on lighting and shadows...and I just might in the future.  As an Industrial Design major in college, I took entire courses focused on realistically drawing objects.

One of my full-face designs...the popular flaming soccer ball taken to a whole new level!
 I hope this helps you get a better feel for what this book contains and how it is laid out!  Please note that if you are ordering in the US, and you order only this one book, the shipping will actually be about $6, not the $9 that the website calculates.  So, if you only order the book, I will refund you for any difference in the actual costs.  For those interested in ordering outside the US, the shipping varies. Please email me at Gretchen(at)Paintertainment(dot)com with your country/address and I will let you know your country's shipping and send a Paypal invoice if you'd like to order!

Have you already purchased a copy?  If so, I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts and reviews!  Please feel free to post as a comment here, or email me at Gretchen(at)Paintertainment(dot)com.  Thank you so much for your support of my new book!!  Happy painting!!


Rollie Brandt said...

Beautifully illustrated step by step. Quality photography. Top notch layout and the content is super helpful to anyone interested in learning to face paint!! This is a very nice book and worth the price!

Anonymous said...

looks brilliant mrs!!!! your hard work will def pay off k xxoxox good luck!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant work and I'm sure it will all pay off for your hard work too! k xoxox