Sunday, May 12, 2013

Henna Inspired Hand Design

Happy Mothers' Day!  I have had a great Mothers' Day so far, and even got a little time to paint myself while my boys napped.  Thought I'd share here before we head off to see family. 

I've never tried henna before but had a lot of fun doing this henna inspired design!  The colorful base was done with my TAG Pearl Rainbow Delight split cake, and all of the black is done with a Wolfe Synthetic Round #1 brush and Wolfe Black.

Of course, immediately after taking a few photos, I looked out my studio door and noticed my little 3 year old Toby's coveted "monkey" that he can't live without, sitting by the sand box, about to get hit by the sprinkler. So I booked it out there and rescued monkey, getting myself and this arm all wet!  Aah, well, it was a fitting act of motherly heroism for Mother's day I guess.  But at least I got some photos to share!  ;-)  Here are some step by step photos!  Happy painting!

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Mum and more said...

This look soooo good :)
I can't wait to find the time to read the rest of your blog :)