Friday, April 26, 2013

On your Mark! Get Set! GO!

My little 5 year old loves to pretend he is running marathons like his Daddy.  So after he finished his latest marathon (which was 3 laps around the front yard), he asked me if he could have a medal like Daddy.  I proceeded to hang an imaginary medal around his neck.  "No! I want a REAL medal this time!" So I said, "well, how about I PAINT a medal on you?!"  To my delight he answered with an enthusiastic "YEAH!!!!"

And you have today's super fun and unique kids' body painting idea: medals!
He looks pretty happy with it, don't you think?

I used my TAG Red, White and Blue Pearl one-stroke cake for the ribbon which was beyond perfect.  The gold is TAG pearl gold, and the black and white are Wolfe.

Step by step!

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Kathy Divella said...

I love it! What a cool idea. Any child would love to have one of these.