Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Carver County Fair 2016 Recap

This year was my 19th year painting at county fairs...my 4th year at Carver County Fair in Waconia!  I really love this fair.  It's the only fair I do all year, and is my "home" fair, just 20-25 minutes from home.  My boys enter their artwork in the fair every year, and I spend my one afternoon off taking them to visit the fair while Grandma paints at my booth!  I've been working at this fair long enough now to recognize many faces who come back every year to get painted, and enjoy seeing so many of my friends who visit the fair every year!

This year was another good year at the fair. I had some fun with my GoPro camera, filming myself painting and the crowds flowing through on my busiest day: Saturday! Check it out below or here on YouTube!

Here are a few photos!

The Booth all set up and ready to go!

new cabinet for 2016!

I found this great cabinet on Craigslist just days before the fair for $100. It is a food serving station, but worked perfect for my booth! The larger surface was great for my growing paint kit, and built in light fixture was awesome.  The casters were a huge help as well.  I did have to put another $60 or so into it replacing the light bulbs, ballast, and lock, but am really happy with the end result! 

My paints set up on the countertop

I also got a new banner this year...ordered at the last minute as I was waiting for Vistaprint's 40% off sale! But, it did arrive in time for the 2nd day of the fair!

Invisible glove is my friend at the fair! Fair week has always left me with hands that are stained for a week after. This stuff works great...you just have to remember to put a little more on after you wash your hands, which I do constantly with wipes! Find it in the shop, here!

I always love painting my arms up big for the fair. It was busy enough I didn't have a chance to do this every day, but here's what I did on myself this year:

My photo prop boards are always a big hit with the kids at the fair! I keep them piled on the lower "shelf" of my painting chair. You can get your own via my site here. Here are a few pics...

 I love seeing all of my friends who visit me at the fair! My favorite people of all are of course my husband and boys...
Love seeing this face peek over my shoulder during the fair!

cheese curd break with Toby!

Here are a few photos of paintings from the week...

My mom is always a big help at the fair!!  When I started working full time as a designer, she helped me keep my booth by working weekdays while I came at night and on weekends.  When I left my corporate gig and started having babies, she helped me with some of the days so my husband didn't have to take off work.  She worked Thursday until 7 pm, giving me a chance to catch up on other work and actually attend the fair with my boys! (yes, I spend my slice of time off visiting the fair, haha!)  12 hour days do a number on you after a while so it's nice to get a little break in there!

My boys visiting Grandma in the booth!
Here are some paintings that my mom did...

paintings by Rollie Brandt
I always have my faithful trio of strong men to help tear down the booth on the last day of the fair...

...thanks again for another amazing year, Carver County! Hope to see you in 2017! :-)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

October 2016 JAMvention Workshop: "Realistic Eyes!"

It's official...my flight has been purchased to teach at the JAMvention in Belgium this fall! Stay tuned as I will post more details regarding the schedule, etc here on this post once I have more details to share.  But, for now, I can share my class description with you! Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Happy Cow Appreciation Day!

Yes, indeed folks, today is cow appreciation day!! So, naturally, I had to paint cows on my boys.  They picked the designs they liked from my sketchbook.

The addition of teeth, braces, and a toothbrush were a last minute crazy idea I had, but it made Sam laugh so I did it! Silver liquid bling made for some really awesome braces!

Toby wanted brown spots on his cow, "Cuz brown cows make chocolate milk, Mom!"

Here are a few of the other designs I've done lately, if you haven't been keeping up with me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram (paintertainmentdotcom) lately....

Paw Patrol

Marshall from Paw Patrol
My boys on the 4th of July
Max from "Secret Life of Pets"
Snowball from Secret Life of Pets
Have you checked out our custom word menu design service lately?  If not, you should! We've recently added more patriotic themed designs, great for 4th of July (well, next year anyway!) and Memorial Day! I've also just created a new word art for "Emoticon!

Word menus are a great way to give yourself flexibility with level of detail, as well as allow creative freedom when working with multiple artists.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and happy painting!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Step by Step Video Tutorial: Lego Brick Man Design

I know I've already posted a step by step video this morning, but I have one more for you! These were my first attempts at filming myself painting step by step, so of course I had to be EVEN and paint each one of my boys once! ;-)

In this video you'll see how I paint my super popular and simple Lego man design! I mean, toy brick man design!!! ;-)  This time I'm painting on my 6 year old Toby...he's a funny guy with a lot to say, who thinks I don't see what he's doing in the camera when I turn away.  Well, at least he's entertaining! The mirror moment in this one is totally lackluster as he has already had this design painted on him before! ;-)

I hope you enjoy this video, and I plan on improving the quality of these as I do more and learn as I go! Don't forget to check out my huge pages full of FREE learning resources. Thanks for hangin' in there with me, and happy painting!

Step by Step: 4th of July Bottle Rocket

Hey everyone! I've just uploaded a new step by step video of the design shown above!  This one comes out just in time for your 4th of July gigs. Go easy on me, folks...this is my first attempt to film a step by step so you may see my head in the way once or twice, ha ha!

I've been painting a lot lately but not blogging every time, so here are a few more of my recent paintings if you haven't already been following me on Facebook...

Super quick and fun fireworks!!

Retro bike done by myself on myself!


What else is going on at Paintertainment.com?

New Brushes
We're in the process of swapping out some brushes as Loew-Cornell has decided to discontinue my FAVORITE brushes with acrylic handles and golden taklon bristles. Booohoo!!  They are still making the same brushes with the same bristles, just taking away the acrylic handles and only selling the wood.  So, if you visit our brush section you may notice some of the 7000C series brushes being replaced with 7000 series as they run out.

FREE e-Newsletters
It feels like just last week when our popular and FREE e-newsletter went out last month (and with a coupon code of course!), but amazingly enough, July is just around the corner! Watch your email for your July issue coming within the next week or so! And if you aren't a subscriber yet but would like to be, visit our e-newsletter page to subscribe and download past issues! We never, EVER share your email addresses and don't abuse our email list with spam.

Upcoming Events
I'll be hosting yet another jam next month, so if you live in or around the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota, we'd love to have you join us! Bring your supplies, something from your inspiration file that you'd like to work on, and a dish to share for lunch!  We'll even set up a new/used paint sale/swap as well for anyone looking to unload supplies they no longer use.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Stay tuned as I have another step by step video coming, just around the corner!! Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube so you don't miss out!


Friday, May 20, 2016

New products, and more fun new Boy Designs!!

I have a few new items added to the shop today to tell you about! Scroll down for some of my latest paintings recently posted on Facebook, too! :-)
We've just added a new one-touch dispenser bottle. This one is a new and improved design over the old one...you can twist the top and lock it into place to prevent it from leaking/pumping when in transit! These bottles are great for henna, when you need to dispense a little alcohol onto a cotton swab/pad with just one hand! Find them here for $2!

You can also find these awesome new bottles that spray fine glitter and powders!! I've heard a lot about these on Facebook groups and had to get them into my shop. The unique mechanism inside helps gather powder/glitter toward the center tube for maximum dispersion. Find them here for just $3.75!

Last but not least, we're now carrying a new option for sharpening your makeup pencils. These little dual sharpeners are a fraction of the price of the Mehron ones, still have two sized sharpeners, and are made of metal! Get yours here for just $1.25!

Well, I don't want to just give you products without posting a little paint inspiration...here are a few pics I've posted on Facebook lately...be sure to "like" us to get all the latest!

Trying out a new variation on the Ninja Turtles...

Pete the Cat!

My son loves Fly Guy books!!

My rendition of the Death Star! You can find this cool texture stencil in the HAS-Mechanical set!

Kylo Ren! Get this look using the BAM1019 flame stencil or the HotWings 8007 Stencil!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy painting!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dodging The Limelight

A Facebook friend recently posted this quote from a show he watches, "Madam Secretary," which spurred me to write today's blog post:

“In this world of relentless self promotion, we have all been raised to think that the limelight is the only light worth seeking, but that isn’t the case… Achievement is often anonymous. Some of the greatest things have been done by people you have never heard of, quietly dedicating their lives to improving yours.”

It really made me think of some of my painter friends who are really hung up on being "discovered," becoming well known or even "famous" among their peers.

I'd just like to remind those of you who may be caught up in this notion that your worth is tied to how well known you are, that you are worth so much more than the sum total of your Facebook likes and YouTube subscribers! 

Those of you who know me probably know that I'm an introvert...I am really uncomfortable when put into any sort of limelight. Sheesh, it took me this long to finally create a YouTube channel where I'm actually talking to the camera in just a few videos, ha!
I didn't want to sign up for any team sports or clubs in high school, but when my mom told me I needed to have some school activity for my scholarship applications, I signed up to be on the tech team for the school play, "Oklahoma."  I got to work behind the scenes, designing, building and painting sets.  I got to be creative without an audience, I wasn't on stage for performances, and I didn't take a bow to roaring applause. Nobody in the audience knew I had done anything...it was PERFECT.  I got to see how my behind-the-scenes work enhanced the experience for theater-goers, and that was the icing on the cake!

Sure, I am totally flattered to find out that one of my painting idols has "liked" one of my paintings, just like anyone else, and there is definitely a sense of pride felt when I see my work published in a magazine.  Everyone likes and deserves a little recognition for a job well done!  However, my point is, don't let it define you, and don't waste all your energy trying to become more visible among your peers.  Just think of the amazing work you can do by redirecting that energy toward improving your own craft?!  Or better yet, helping others improve theirs? If you're looking for more gigs, redirect that energy into becoming known by your community and potential clients, and you'll see a literal payoff.

I like to think that last line of the quote above is me, "quietly dedicating my life to improving yours."  Since I started painting a couple decades ago, I've found the most joy and contentment in helping other painters.  Being that I love design, and I love staying out of the limelight, I started publishing my books to help other artists.  I listen to what my peers are curious about, and I publish e-newsletters and blog posts in an attempt to help.  I've hosted countless jams in my home, and I learn something new from my friends every. single. time.  Something awesome happens when you let go of the popularity contests, humble yourself, help others grow and let them help you do the same! (See blog post: "Never Settle for Being the Best!")  Ironically, it just might lead to that limelight you tried so hard to avoid in the first place. ;-)
Now that my books are becoming so well known worldwide, I'm being asked to emerge from my basement studio to teach.  Last week I taught in New Jersey at the Northern NJ Face and Body Art Guild.  It was awesome!  This fall I'll be teaching at the JAMvention in Belgium.  All of these amazing things are happening not because I'm trying to "get out there."  God has a path laid out for me, and I'm just trying my best not to let my introvertedness scare me off that path.  ;-) My one goal is to follow THAT path, the one that is clearly not laid out by myself because it's clearly uncomfortable...not the path of comparison or likes or popularity.  And the ironic thing is, I'm finding some people outside the Twin Cities Metro Area actually have heard of me regardless! That's cool.  Not defining, not the end goal, but kinda cool, and confirmation that you can still go places without a constant stream of self promotion if you are simply doing what you are meant to do.

When it comes down to it, being well known by other painters doesn't really get you more business.  What really matters for your business is making children smile, creating an experience they will talk about for years, and leaving them wanting more of you.  The average party planning mom has no clue who those famous Facebook and YouTube sensations are in the face and body art world, and they have never heard of the FABATV instructors we gush over at conventions. Remember when you enter a home for a birthday party, YOU are the star! YOU are the big surprise for the birthday boy! YOU are going to transform a little girl into a real princess! So walk in there with all the confidence in the world, like the superhero you are. 

Thanks for stopping by, and happy painting!! :-)